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Regular Broomed Concrete

Regular broom finished concrete is the most common form of concrete used in Saskatoon. Stellar Driveways has perfected pouring, placing and finishing it to look great!

Only Lafarge Canada concrete is used, it is a 32 mpa duramix product that is delivered.

All of Stellar Driveways projects are poured and screeded by hand to ensure that the concrete is nice and flat throughout. After that, the concrete is left to cure enough so that it can support the weight of the finishers, the job is hand wiped and then a broom stroke is added to give the concrete some traction.


Stellar Driveways is always looking to improve their abilities and services. That is why they now offer stamped concrete as well as many other decorative options.

Coloured Concrete

Coloured Concrete is finished identically to regular concrete. There are several different colours that Lafarge Canada offers, a brochure of the colour selections can be acquired upon request.

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